Francine Conley

As a performance artist, Francine has written, produced, performed and toured a number of multimedia collaborative productions.  (Learn more here).  

She has a full-length collection, What Sweetness from Salt (Finishing Line Press), a chapbook of poems, How Dumb the Stars (Parallel Press) as well as individual poems published.

She is one of six founding and still active members of Franco-American touring theatre company, Le Théâre de la Chandelle Verte, which tours a selection of commissioned plays, such as FEMMES DE LETTRES (on tour since 2017).

For more on Francine’s latest work:



What Sweetness from Salt (Finishing Line Press, book)

How Dumb The Stars (Parallel Press, chapbook)

“RECLINING NUDE (1865)” – Pink Panther Magazine Volume 10 Issue 1, 2019

“Exile” – Inverted Syntax

“JOY” – Sky Island Journal

“Ship of Fools” – Triptych (also forthcoming in Anthology: Bosch and Bruegel Poems)

“Eve’s Dilemma” – Aesthetica Magazine

“Old Fools” – Fogged Clarity

Mother Love” and “Wedding Portrait”Green Mountains Review

The Kitchen,” “Greenland,” and “Bees”

“In a Boat, a Letter” The Collagist

“The Cells” and “An Old Woman Cooking Eggs” Palaver, Fall 2016

“Sugar” – NER 36.3, 2015

“Salt” - Juked, 2015

“So Long As The Muskrat Distracts I Will Not Interpret What I See” forthcoming in Jujube’s, 2015

“Be Specific” Star 82 Review 2.4  (Nominated for “Best of Net” – July 2015)

“Argument” Start 82 Review 2.4

“The Destruction of Mother” Hartskill Review 1.3

“The Bat Situation” Hartskill Review 1.3

“Inside Out” Aster(ix), #7 -forthcoming in 2015

“Refinement” Naugatuck River Review, Winter Edition (A finalist for NPR’s 6th Annual Narrative Poetry contest prize) -forthcoming in 2015

“The Trouble With Flies” 2015

“Mother Love” Avatar Review #17  2015

“Swan Song” Avatar Review #17 2015

“Who Are You:” American Literary Review

“Inside Out” — Girls in their Bedroom: Creativity in Intimate Spaces Axter(ix) Journal (2015)

“A Natural History” Shadowgraph 3 (2015)

“Suture,” “Idioms II” Harpurs Palate Summer 5.1

Interview With Rodney Jones – Shadowgraph Magazine, volume 3